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Global network

Global network


One of the main activities of the Aalborg Centre is to develop a global network. The objectives of the global network are to bring researchers, teachers, practitioners, companies and policymakers together to share knowledge and experiences on how to develop engineering and science education. Many relevant questions are addressed such as:

What strategies can be used to create an engineering and science education that aim to educate engineers with relevant knowledge, skills and competences?

How can a course be transformed into a more student centred mode?

What are the implications by integrating sustainability into engineering and science education?

Can PBL be an answer for the needed entrepreneurial skills and competences?

How can training of academic staff be organised?

Why do the students need to be introduced to new types of learning methodology?

How much sustainability should be in the curriculum and what kind of aspects?

How can ICT be a solution for the lack of physical space (group rooms) in PBL?


These questions and many more are discussed in the activities that form the global network run by the Aalborg Centre. In the moment, the following activities are offered:

  • Research symposia
  • Seminars
  • Summer schools
  • Visitors workshops

We have a vision of connecting academic staff from all over the word. There are experiences with PBL and ESD in many places – and what goes in the classroom in Colombia might give inspiration to another classroom in India. Travel costs time and money therefore, Aalborg centre aim to create future virtual meeting places. At moment we plan to offer:

  • Webinars
  • Publications
  • Video presentations

Please join the Global Network activities and never hesitate to give us input/ ideas for new activities.