Aalborg Centre for Problem Based Learning in Engineering Science and Sustainability under the auspices of UNESCO

Welcome to the Aalborg Centre for Problem Based Learning in Engineering Science and Sustainability under the auspices of UNESCO 

The overall strategic goal of the Aalborg UNESCO PBL Centre is to facilitate universities, and other higher education institutions, to take an active role in educating engineers and scientists so they can participate and contribute to the development of sustainable solutions to the present and emerging social, economic and environmental challenges.

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9th International Research Symposium on PBL - IRSPBL23

Transforming Engineering Education 2023

June 21-23, 2023

​Massachusetts Institute of Technology main campus, Cambridge, MA

Harvard SEAS campus, Boston, MA



Visitors Workshop 2023

In overall, the workshop aims to introduce both the shared AAU problem- and project principles and the unique pedagogical models practiced in the distinct educational contexts of the university, thus highlighting both unique contextualization and shared PBL principles.
During the workshop, participants have the opportunity to engage with researchers, academic staff and students by visiting different departments, and faculties.

Link to sign up: https://www.events.aau.dk/event/workshop-for-visitors

After the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Describe Aalborg University’s foundation of unique problem-based and project-based pedagogical models and its shared PBL principles.
  • Compare different problem- and project pedagogical models across the different institutional practices, namely at engineering and science, the social sciences, the human sciences, and health, whilst considering its different educational contexts and disciplines.
  • Reflect on which ways the Aalborg models and practices can inspire change towards more problem-oriented, student-directed, collaborative teaching and learning practices.

An interdisciplinary team, composed by researchers and experts from IAS-PBL (UCPBL, SHARE, KILD and HEALTH PBL) runs the workshop.


The cost per participant is 600€. The price includes access to a collection of resources, department visits, lunch and coffee for the two days.

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