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Partners and sponsorships

We are very grateful to the Obel Family Foundation as they have contributed by donating a full UNESCO Professor to lead the Aalborg Centre. The donation is over a period of five years.

The Poul Due Jensen Foundation – Grundfos-fonden – has granted a donation of DKK 300.000 to the Aalborg Centre for PBL in Engineering Science and Sustainability. The donation is awarded to contribute to research on PBL methods. The donation will be used for developing an interactive, “free”, open source website with in-depth case study of the project “Shanzu” in Kenya. The case will be an interactive digital case on many of the dilemmas that engineers face in their work.

New partnerships

The Aalborg Centre offers a unique platform for networking and creating partnerships. In order to meet the need for tomorrows engineering competences, concrete actions are developed to improve engineering and science education.

The Aalborg Centre invites for partnership and co-sponsorship to a series of activities and welcomes private foundations and corporates to contribute to these activities. There will be several opportunities and below is just listed a few. Please contact UNESCO professor Anette Kolmos for any further information. ak@plan.aau.dk

Various scholarships for PhD students

One of the priorities of the activities 2014-2016 is to establish global training for PhD students within PBL, Engineering Education Research and Education for Sustainable Development. This priority is aligned with the strategy of training PhD students who will be able to establish engineering and science educations in home country that educate engineers with relevant employable knowledge and skills.

The Aalborg Centre would like to offer various scholarships to PhD candidates from Asia, Africa and South America.

  • Scholarships for enrolment
  • Scholarships for travel and needed laboratory work
  • Scholarships for salary contribution
  • Full scholarships

The specific scholarships will be named after the partner name.

Various events

The Aalborg Centre is running a serious of events and right now we are looking for partners that can contribute to:

  • International Research Symposium on PBL
  • Webinars (offered every month)
  • Specific workshops and Summer Schools – at moment is being planned a Summer School on PBL in India for November of 2015.