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One of the visions of the Aalborg Centre for Problem Based Learning in Engineering Science and Sustainability under the auspices UNESCO is to develop a global network. The main objectives of global network are to promote a more innovative and student-centred engineering and science education and meet the contemporary challenges posed to young engineers.
But in global world new and globalised activities can be developed for networking. One example is web-conferencing called webinars.

The Aalborg Centre aims to hold several series of webinars with aim to exchange of experiences on PBL and sustainability in engineering education but also knowledge dissemination and outreach of research and education activities.

How it works

The Aalborg Centre announces a program with several sessions around one theme. This programme also holds the dates and presenters for each webinars. The program is announced in Aalborg Centre webpage.

For each webinar, registration is required which opens a month before the date of the webinar. The registration close 48h before the webinar and an e-mail is send to all participants with confirmation, detailed description, suggested literature and agenda for the webinar.

The number of participants is limited. The limitation is related with type of software used and quality of the webinar. Each webinar is limited to 15 participants, however registration do not close once it is achieved this number. Participants are more than welcome to register and will remain in a waiting list.

Previous webinars are available as open source in the Aalborg Centre webpage in open sources.


Good internet connection. For tutorials please click here.

Guidelines for presenters and participants (click here)

Other types of Webinars

  • Special webinars by request (seminars/webinars for groups or organisations on specific topics or activities can be organised)
  • Watching PhD defences
  • Online PhD courses
  • Follow up and part of consultancy programmes by request from individual or organisation and with minimum of participants.