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On-line workshops for visitors

On-line Workshop for visitors

On-line Workshop for visitors

The next on-line Visitors workshop will take place on 12-13 November 2020.

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The Aalborg PBL centre organises two times a year a visitors’ workshop. This two-day workshop aims to introduce PBL principles and the Aalborg PBL model to international participants and academic staff.

In the fall 2020, the visitors’ workshop will be fully online and it includes asynchronous preparation and synchronous activities (i.e. the workshop). Three weeks before the workshop takes place, we provide participants a selection of online material that they should go through as preparation. 

The workshop activities take place on November 12-13 and the focus will be on group exercises, discussions and small lecture presentations.

The workshop programme is below. Participants will receive information about the platform, preparation material and further instructions by email. 

There will be a maximum of 18 participants for this event and the price is 280 EURO.

Preliminary program


Aalborg Centre also welcomes visitors on other dates during the year – but in such cases, the visitors need to submit an application for visiting containing the following information:

  • The reason for the visit
  • Special questions you want us to address
  • Special subject fields
  • CV for all visitors (½ - one page CV)
  • Contact addresses and email addresses for all the visitors

The application should be submitted at least three months before the visit take place. The final programme for the visit, including names of all participants, should be agreed upon one month before the confirmed visit.

There is a fee for the administration and organisation of these visits (see below) as well as a fee for lunch and coffee depending on the size of the group visiting.

Special visitors' programme: 900 EUR per day for administration of the programme and 250 EUR per participant per day.



The Aalborg Centre also offers special training programmes, for instance; A trainer will cost approximately 3,350 EUR per day. If the training is in your institution travel costs, accommodation and daily allowance will be added.
When the special training programmes take place in Aalborg there will be a fee for lunch and coffee.

For more information please contact the Aalborg Centre at ucpbl@plan.aau.dk.