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Webinar with Virginie Servant - History of PBL


24.10.2014 kl. 13.00 - 14.30



Where did PBL come from? Why has it evolved in so many different sizes and shapes, yet follows the same core philosophy? This webinar will explore the historical origins of PBL, laying its foundations in the great advances in education philosophy and psychology that took place in the early 20th Century, then focusing particularly on the influence of pioneering educational methods such as Harvard's Case Method, and finally, the socio-political context of the 1960's which scene for the emergence of progressive, problem-based models of education. By looking at History, this webinar will enable you to understand the common core and different outcomes of the various models of PBL around the world.

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Aalborg Centre for Problem Based Learning in Engineering Science and Sustainability


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20.10.2014 kl. 13.00

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