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PhD defence by Aida Guerra



04.06.2014 kl. 13.00 - 17.00


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One of the challenges engineering education is facing in 21st century is to educate engineers to develop innovative and sustainable technologies at fast rate. Addressing such challenges call for learning environments which can support the development of knowledge, skills and competencies for engineering practice and sustainable development.
This PhD study investigated in which ways PBL can support the integration of sustainable development in engineering education in order to address the challenges posed by profession and society. The study took a comprehensive approach by investigating the research question from three perspectives: theoretical, expert and practice. The theoretical perspective pointed at some of EESD and PBL common principles. The experts’ perspective involved EESD experts from around the world and inquired about different strategies to integrate sustainable development in engineering education. The experts pointed at elements to consider when integrating EESD such as curriculum, EESD outcomes, learning process, actors, resources, etc. They also pointed at challenges and future needs for EESD. The practice perspective, through a case study investigated the integration of EESD and in which ways the principles pointed by the theoretical perspective are supported and developed in a problem based, project organised learning process.
The study points that PBL can support the integration of sustainable development in engineering education by: promoting system thinking and interdisciplinary collaboration, fostering a transformative and holistic problem solving approach, enhancing the relations between theory and practice for sustainable development, stressing a comprehensive curricular integration of sustainable development content. The study also make some recommendations which involve management, practitioners, students and external partners, creation of academic staff development programmes for ESD, promotion of cross disciplinary cooperation between academic staff and students.

After the defence the department will host a reception in:
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Department of Development and Planning


Nybrogade 6 room 1.133

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