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Scholarships and Funding

Scholarships and Funding

Here at the Aalborg Centre, we encourage potential PhD candidates to seek external funding. Funding for international activities might come from: European Commission, especially the programme People: http://cordis.europa.eu/fp7/people/home_en.html

Financing of a PhD study at the Department of Planning

In order to be enrolled as a PhD student at the Department of Planning, you need to take financing into consideration. Four main options exist in terms of PhD enrolment:


Apply for and obtain an available position with wages You can apply for a vacant position. http://www.vacancies.aau.dk/phd-positions/


If you can raise 2/3 external financing, the Technical Faculty of IT & Design will finance 1/3 - you can be enrolled as a PhD student on Danish scholarship conditions.

2/3 of the financing equals approximately 1.320.000 DKK (Danish kroner) distributed on the following items:
o wages: 830.000 DKK (depending on seniority)
o tuition fee: 270.000 DKK
o overhead (20 %): 220.000 DKK
o total: 1.320.000 DKK

During the 3 years of PhD studies, you must teach 244 hours per year.


100 % external financing of tuition fee, no wages included



Absolute Minimum

1. Supervision



2. Fee to doctoral school



3. Rent



4. Fee to the department






Overhead fixed 20%



Total per year




Total for 3 years



Comments to the above calculation:

  • 140 hours of supervision costs DKK 54,000. The number of hours can be reduced but the maximum reduction is 50 %. Reduction can only be implemented if the partner institution carries out some of the supervision.
  • The fee covers costs for assessment, SE-courses, board of doctoral school etc.
  • Normally 2,000 DKK/month for having an office space
  • Department costs depend on involvement in the department. If you do not have an office space at the department, minimum costs should be calculated. If you do not pay normal department costs, an agreement with the department should exist, mentioning the reduced amount and what this covers.


Apply for a tuition waiver PhD Scholarship

A number of tuition Waiver PhD Scholarships are available, covering the fees for supervision and participation in courses, and also allowing free access to office, laboratory and computing facilities. The scholarship runs for the entire period for the PhD study which is normally three years. As a rule, the PhD students should live in Denmark during the entire period.

Admission Requirements

Applicants for the PhD programme should reach the following requirements:

  • A master's degree in engineering and science, social science or humanity.
  • Qualification in academic English proficiency in both oral and written. aspects. From May 2014, it will be expected to provide evidence for TOFL test or similar.
  • Previous experiences within educational research.
  • Previous teaching experiences in higher engineering or science education (preferably).
  • Interest in interdisciplinary approaches to educational research and innovative pedagogy.