PhD training

PhD Studies at The Aalborg PBL Centre

PhD Studies at The Aalborg PBL Centre

We welcome national and international students to the Aalborg PBL Centre and strive for developing good researchers in PBL in engineering and science education.


A PhD project can be shaped and financed in different ways.

  1. Apply for one of the announced positions.
  2. Industrial PhD in collaboration with a company.
  3. Self-funded PhD.

For more information on the cost of a PhD at the Aalborg PBL Centre, please contact the centre here


A PhD can either be in full, blended or online mode. Depending on the mode the grant oppertunities will be different. We are very open to inquieres so please do not hesitate to contact the centre with your inquires.


To become a PhD student you need to develop a PhD project within the Aalborg PBL research areas. The study will take three years (full time) and you will be supervised byone of the researchers at the centre and receive competent feedback from the other PhD students at the Centre.

When studying for a PhD degree you will become a part of The Department of Planning.


Please contact us for any questions you might have concerning a PhD at the Aalborg PBL Centre

PhD Topics

Examples of projects undertaken at The Aalborg PBL Centre are:

  • PBL epistemologies – research on fundamentals and the philosophy of PBL within any social context and cross socio-cultural contexts

  • Variation of PBL approaches – research on diverse approaches to PBL practices including curriculum, course design, implementation, assessment methods and evaluation of PBL outcomes

  • PBL competences – research on diversity of PBL related competences

  • PBL, digitalization and Networked Learning– research on PBL and PBL development in a digital world

  • PBL and interdisciplinarity – research on disciplinary and interdisciplinary aspects of PBL

  • PBL and culture – research on diverse culture and intercultural issues related to teaching and learning in PBL

  • PBL implementation and organizational change – research on how PBL can be implemented in various social, organizational and cultural contexts

  • PBL and sustainability – research on how PBL support the sustainability of higher education

  • PBL cross diverse educational levels and subjects (e.g. STEM)

Useful Links

The PhD training falls under Danish legislation and is organised as part of the Doctoral program in Planning and Development.

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