PhD training

PhD Training

The Aalborg Centre offers PhD training within the scope of the research program.

Here at UCPBL, the PhD training  falls under Danish legislation and is organised as part of the Doctoral program in Planning and Development. For further information, please see:

Here at UCPBL, the specific scope of the training is to educate PhD candidates who will be able to do research independently and who have knowledge and skills on transforming education. The PhD training consists of two main elements: working on a research project, supervised by one or two members of the academic staff, and following a number of PhD courses according to the Doctoral Program in order to acquire the necessary competences.

The time schedule for a fulltime PhD research project is three years. The PhD thesis can be a monograph or a collection of articles with a short covering report. The PhD degree is awarded after the PhD candidate publicly defends a thesis reporting an academic research project carried out independently by the candidate.

Students are required to conduct a research project in within the research areas. Three to four articles are expected to be published in international journals as the outcome of the PhD study. On this basis, a PhD thesis can be submitted to the Doctoral School of Engineering and Science, Aalborg University, to apply for a public defence, which will lead to the degree awarding.

When enroling, the PhD-candidate needs to hold a Master’s degree within a relevant field and needs to submit a preliminary study plan. The PhD project formally starts after the applicant has been accepted by the Doctoral School of Engineering and Science, Aalborg University.

HHere at the Centre, the PhD training aims to prepare international PhD students for a career within research, development and teaching in higher education in the private and in the public sector. However, it is possible to agree on a part-time study plan and to work partly at a distance.

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