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PhD Courses

phd courses

phd courses

As part of the programme, each PhD student is expected to develop her/his competences as a researcher by attending courses and seminars up to 30 ECTS points (European Credit Transfer System). Aside from the courses offered by Aalborg University, a part of the requirement can be fulfilled by participating in courses or seminars provided by external experts and by attending approved international conferences. Courses recommended for participants in PhD training at the Aalborg Centre are highlighted in the section below:

Problem and project based learning

  • PBL and Education for Sustainable Development – theory, models and transformation
  • PBL in Engineering and Science – Development of Supervisor Skills


  • Interdisciplinary sustainability
  • Education for Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility

Engineering education

  • History of engineering education
  • Curriculum models and learning theories
  • Educational innovation – theories and strategies for change

Research methodology

  • Mixed methods and research design
  • Design-based research
  • Construction of questionnaires and interviewing guides
  • Quantitative methods

General Courses

  • Writing and reviewing research papers
  • Professional Communication

Some of these courses will be offered as online courses. PhD students that are not enrolled formally in the PhD program will be charged a fee for participation.

For more courses please follow the link -  PhD Courses

Engineering Education – History, Reforms and Future Challenges