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Concultancy and capacity building



Policy for consultancy, workshops and capacity building

In the strive to assist institutions in changing to PBL the Aalborg Centre is offering three types of consultancy and capacity building activities: consultancy visits, workshops and capacity building courses.

Consultancy visits are short visits (1 - 3 days) by UCPBL staff members to the institution concerned – primarily in the beginning of a change process. During the visit meetings with institutional management can be conducted and development of a specific change strategy for the institution will be a main activity.

Workshops are shorter training events (2 - 5 days) aimed at both management and staff. UCPBL offers workshops in the areas of:

  • Staff development
  • Curriculum development
  • Institutional and organisational development

Capacity building is a long-term activity (1 - 3 years) aimed at institutional change within the entire institution, faculty or study programme. Capacity building encompasses consultancy, workshops, distance teaching modules from the Master in Problem Based Learning programme, seminars etc. Capacity building activities will require substantial funding.