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Open Access Resources

Open Access Resources

The Aalborg Centre encompasses the UNESCO Chair in Problem Based Learning (UCPBL) that was established in 2007 and is renowned for its accomplishments in supporting the development of Problem Based and Project Based Learning in Engineering Education. The Aalborg Centre therefore starts out with the entire activity portfolio from the UCPBL and makes available some of its recourses available for international community.
Some of these recourses result from activities carry out through the years by the UNESCO chair such as videos on-line 1st

International Research Symposium in PBL. Other are already result of Aalborg Centre launch and initiatives such

The open access resources available at moment are:

  • Working papers and Reports
  • Project exam at Aalborg University
  • PhD defenses
  • Videos on-line

Working paper and reports

Some of Aalborg Centre research projects provide the opportunity to write working papers and use them as platforms to share preliminary results, ideas and/ or discussion topics into the global research community.
Working papers and reports are part of open access sources the Aalborg Centre make available through its website.
Project Exams at Aalborg University

At Aalborg University, the project examination is oral and it is made in group. This a form of examination which aligns with PBL principles practiced at Aalborg University but which also raises concerns and challenges to those educators who aim to a more innovate and student centred learning approach, under the PBL principles. The following videos illustrate how the project examination is carried out at Aalborg University, and in different faculties.

PhD defenses

Community of international PhD students, who focus their research in PBL, Engineering Education and Education for Sustainable Development, is also part of Aalborg Centre research community.
The PhD degree is awarded after the PhD candidate publicly defends a thesis reporting an academic research project carried out independently by the candidate. Aalborg Centre proudly makes available for international community the video of public defence and PhD thesis of its graduated students.

Videos on-line

Video recording is considered one form of resource mainly for oral presentations and communications. Since 2007 the UCPBL participated and held several events such as international symposium, inaugural lectures, and international guests in research seminars. These are considered as valuable resource and are made available through open access recourse.