Education and training

The research group carries out research-based teaching in PBL across engineering and science faculties at AAU (The Technical Faculty of IT and Design - TECH and the Faculty for Engineering and science – ENG). The core activity is a course in Problem based learning in Science technology and Society (B.Sc., 1st semester), contextual co-supervision and consultancy (B.Sc., 2nd semester) and introduction courses to PBL and Project Management (M.Sc., 1th & 2th semester). The research group also contributes to AAU staff development by delivering courses (compulsory and elective) and pedagogical co-supervision in the pedagogical programme for assistant professors (in Danish: Adjunktpædagogikum).

Besides the internal staff development teaching activities, UCPBL is responsible for;

  • An international master programme Master of Problem Based Learning in Engineering and Science (MPBL) 
  • Certification programmes.
  • Open courses on Introduction to PBL, Problem Design and Facilitation, which provide basic knowledge and support to academic staff, from AAU and other institutions.
  • Ph.D. education, which besides supervision include general Ph.D. courses e.g. in PBL, Professional Communication, Project Management and Mixed Methods for Educational Research.

AAU Students
Master in PBL